Sunday, October 18, 2009

Volleyball: Officiating on a stand / Line Judges

My volleyball officiating today definitely had some interesting things that occurred. I was working three games (two 5th grade and one 4th grade game).

One, both of the 5th grade games were extremely competitive and went to three sets. These two games were among the loudest I heard the fans in the few weeks I've been officiating volleyball.

Two, for the first time this season, I officiated on a volleyball stand. In my first few weeks, the gyms did not have stands so I officiated from the floor. From the stand, I got a higher view of the players and the court. I haven't decided which option works better for me. There are positives and negatives for each. I think I'll have to work more games to see what works better for me.

Lastly, there was some line judging controversy. During the second 5th grade game, there was apparently some calls that the home team disagreed with. The gym director even got involved at one point and asked me if I could overrule calls by the visiting team's line judge.

Given that I am working with parents and not professional trained line judges, I don't expect much. Alas, what happened was that I noticed that the visiting team's line judge was NOT making the calls immediately. What I chose to do (which may not be correct technically) was to make the call myself. I then noticed the line judge was echoing my calls.

It's a tough situation because on certain calls, the line judge has the best angle to if balls are in or out. Even though I have fairly sharp eyes, even I can't see everything, especially if the play occurs quickly.

In any case, I'm getting the hang of volleyball but there are little nuances that I need to pick up. I'm a decent official at this level but definitely have a lot to learn.

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