Saturday, November 28, 2009

Misc / Working with a newbie today

Been a while since I last posted! In the past month, I was actually assigned some youth volleyball playoff games! I was a little surprised since this was my first full year doing the sport. The games went fine though I got some input from a veteran official on certain things I could have done better. Also, in watching the veteran official work, I picked up a few things that I had been wondering about during the season. While I won't be able to put what I learned into practice until next season, I'll commit the knowledge to memory.

Also, I worked some adult league basketball games with a veteran official / assignor that I hadn't worked with in a LONG time. I don't think he's seen me in person in recent years, but I hope I made a good impression. To be honest, I wasn't intentionally trying to impress anyone. I feel I've gained a certain comfort level and confidence and all I wanted was that part of my officiating to be seen.

As the high school season approaches, I feel I'm pretty much ready. I will review the rules a little more as well as the officials manual for some refreshers. I feel fairly sharp on the floor and I'm in pretty good shape.

SIDENOTE: Today, I worked a youth basketball tournament today (6th grade boys). Today was the final day so teams were playing for placement (7th place, 5th place, 3rd place and championship).

The first game was a forfeit as one of the teams couldn't muster enough kids to play due to the holidays. Thanks to the forfeit, I did not notice that my partner had not shown up. I finally called the assignor and let him know what happened. The assignor must have called up the other official as she showed up for the second game.

The second official was a high school girl (a senior) working her first game. All in all, she has a lot to learn but seemed a nice enough girl that we can probably forgive her for forgetting about the first game.

Working with a newbie has it's challenges. You're trying to help them out while officiating at the same time. That doesn't work all that well in certain situations. Fortunately the girl was receptive and did her best. That's all I could have asked from her.

In watching the girl officiate today, I wonder how many of us officials ever got started. The early stages of your officiating career are usually the most brutal. Most new officials have no idea of what they're doing and you're literally in a trial by fire. I told the girl after the game that all I can do is tell her certain things. The rest of the learning would have to come from experience.

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