Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's All In The Details

After spending a week in Virginia, I hit the ground running when I came back into town Friday.  Six hours after I landed, I was working a JV girls basketball game.  The game was competitive and we got by without a hitch.

Today, I worked a boys and girls varsity double header for an independent high school basketball league The league is comprised of smaller schools that do not participate in the State basketball playoff structure.  I've worked some of these games before as did my partner.  We knew what to expect in terms of intensity and play.

However, because these teams are outside of the State playoff structure, they aren't particularly well versed on some of the finer details of the rules even though the National Federation Basketball rules still cover their league.

Among the things my partner and I noticed:

  1. One team had no numbers on the front of their jerseys (Federation Rule)
  2. Another team had the numbers 7 and 17 on their jerseys (only numbers 1 through 5 allowed)
We caught this and did what we needed to address the situation (technicals) and the games were played like usual.  My partner and I had a good laugh about the situation because officials can sometime take things for granted.   We assume that all schools know what they are doing but it took an example of today that not every school knows what is going on. 

It was a good reminder today to stay mentally focused on the details. 

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