Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When You Have A Chance To Work With a Veteran........

You should take advantage of it!  Especially a veteran that just worked a California State High School Basketball Championship game this season and also does junior college and Division II college basketball.

Tonight, I was scheduled to work a couple of adult league basketball games.  I was expecting one partner but ended up with another one (who had all the credentials listed above).   Because my partner tonight is one of the top referees in our group, I haven't work with him recently in any leagues.  I usually work the lower level leagues (like tonight) while my partner works the "A" level adult leagues.

However, there he was coming into the gym and we had a nice conversation.  I found out he had been unemployed for a while and so we talked about my recent layoff as well.

The biggest topic though was basketball officiating.  My partner tonight is more than willing to share his experiences and knowledge.  If I had to describe my partner tonight, it would be "Keep It Simple".  My partner is very straightforward when it comes to his mechanics, the way he speaks and the way he approaches talking to players/coaches.

I can't easily summarize all the stuff we talked about today, but I learned a few pointers I'll need to implement into my own officiating.

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