Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"And 1!" (aka Where's The Foul Ref?)

Being a basketball official and also continuing to play pickup ball against both older and younger folks gives me an interesting perspective.   I notice a major difference between how the younger generation (30 and under) play versus the guys that are more my age.  The younger set tends to play more one-on-one and doesn't take open shots.  Instead they like to try all sorts of fancy moves.  Guys more my age tend to just take open shots and don't dribble as much.  Of course, we are all a lot slower and probably shooting is the only thing we do well these days!  The younger kids have plenty of energy and quickness and do all these fancy things that older guys can only dream of.

However, one of the things that I do find a little annoying is the tendency to yell "And 1!" after making a play or basket.  From the playing perspective, this usually means the offensive player felt he got fouled OR he is trash talking a bit to the defensive player that he can't be stopped without being fouled.

This also occurs quite frequently during games I officiate at all levels.  This is usually not trash talking but more of a "Where's The Foul Ref?" comment.    I have to say that I just ignore these comments most of the time.  I think players may have gotten some contact and may be trying to sell us on calling a foul.  If there was significant enough contact where there was no foul called, I am 100% sure I would hear about it more loudly than with just some "And 1!" comment.

Yet, I find it annoying because it shows the level of influence the NBA has on all levels of basketball players.  NBA players say the "And 1!" comment quite often and like everything NBA related, it trickles down to the lower levels of basketball.

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