Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here, There, Everywhere

A bit of a busy day today.  Originally, it wasn't supposed to be this way but it was fine:

I officiated three light girls basketball scrimmages in the AM.  I was planning to volunteer to begin with when I was asked last week.  However, as I had to also clear a fine for missing a meeting for my officiating group, the scrimmages this morning served a dual purpose.   It was a little odd officiating the scrimmages.  The teams were playing 18 minute games (two 9 minute halves) with no free throws.  The usual rules like backcourt and shot clock were off.  Despite that, one of coaches we had was chirping a bit.  Beyond that, the kids played hard and all the officials working the various games got some good work out of it.

I went to grab some lunch afterward and then played some pick up ball with friends for a few hours.  I didn't really tired but my shot was WAY off most of the day.  Maybe it was the Turkey!  

After playing ball, I grabbed a quick snack and rest a bit before officiating a men's alumni basketball game at another high school.  The game was pretty competitive and went into over time with the varsity men's team prevailing.

All in all, I would never recommend people run around like I do.  But doing it occasionally if ok.  I'm a little tired but some dinner will help and I have one more day of rest before going back to work on Monday.  :)

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