Thursday, December 27, 2012

Referee's Most Embarrassing Moment

I worked a JV boys basketball tournament this afternoon and overall had a good day.  I had two games which were the semi-finals for this particular bracket of the tournament.  The first game was a bit of a mismatch as one of the teams was just a little bit more athletic and they won by 20.  The second game was a tight and ugly affair.  Both teams struggled to get into their offense though the winning team eventually pulled away for a 39-33 win.

I would normally talk about the game but the second game gave me a "old man" or "referee's most embarrassing" moment.  During a transition, I TRIPPED AND FELL hard to the ground.  Whoops.  I think I got my feet crossed up a bit.  I bounced right back up and get back into the play with no harm done.  Well, except my hamstring is a little tight, my hip is a little sore and I scratched up my left elbow a bit.

I wasn't embarrassed as things happen occasionally.  :)

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