Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting Back Into The Saddle (at least for a day........)

Due to various personal things, I had not planned to officiate any high school basketball games this year.   However, I was pressed into officiating a game this past Saturday.  I had missed a mandatory meeting with my officials group back in October.  I had a choice of paying the $25 fine OR working a scrimmage for free to pay off the fine.

Despite it was a holiday weekend, I chose to work off the fine.  I took an 8:30 AM freshman scrimmage.  The timing was tough but it actually went ok.  I got to work early and leave early so I get back to doing the stuff I needed to take care of.

I could write a lot of things, but Saturday was probably one of the most interesting in a while.  I had not BEEN on a basketball court in several months.  Due to a hand injury, I had not played any basketball nor officiated any basketball as well.  I figured I was a bit out of shape but I was able to get up and down reasonably well.

I was surprised my judgement was fairly sharp.  Yes, it was a bunch of freshman and not varsity level guys but I felt good on the court.

Lastly, even though I don't plan to be working much this year, I did have fun on the court.  I realize that I do enjoy my time on the court.  I may not be officiating much high school but will remain involved through youth and other tournaments if time permits.  Sacrificing high school basketball was a personal choice.

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