Sunday, December 3, 2017

Varsity Blues

Couldn't think of any better title for the blog tonight.  It doesn't mean anything besides the fact that I officiated a couple of varsity boys basketball games today for a tournament (7th / 8th place & 5th / 6th place games).

This will be brief as it's late.  The games I worked were not the best games ever played.  All the teams had their share of weaknesses and they were not the most skilled, athletic or talented.  But they all played hard and my partner and I had to work the games appropriately.

The interesting situations that came up today were enforcing the coaching box.  My partner gave a warning to one of the coaches in the second game.  Later on the same coach approached me (outside of his box) to ask or inquire about something.  Post game, my partner thought I should have given the coach a technical for being out of the box.  I understood my partner's rationale but since the coach wasn't super vocal, I "let it slide".  That is an interesting situation i have to think about though.

Otherwise, the games were fun to work.  My partner is good and even though I was the designated "R", he pretty much dictated things.  It's something I have to work on as sometimes I am not 100% sure what to say to someone who is a top official.  It's a known weakness for me.

In any case, I may write more about my games later but this is enough for now.

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