Sunday, August 9, 2009

Introduction and Welcome

This probably should have come before the first posting, but I was eager to test things out and so this will be the second post instead. :)

Internet blogging has been around for quite sometime but for one reason or another, I never got into the habit. I've read many blogs thought the years, from friends blogs to others I have discovered while surfing on the Internet. The one main issue I had with writing a blog is that I didn't feel like delving into my personal life that some people did. Plus, I felt my personal life was rather boring and not worth reading about!

However, I found different outlets for writing though. For over three years now, I have contributed articles to Retrogaming Times Monthly. My column, Apple II Incider, reviews games that were available for the Apple II series of computers.

I also started to use Facebook as a pseudo blog. I wrote notes (a Facebook) term and posted them to my profile. I found that there were some of my friends on Facebook were actually reading them.

Lastly, I am a freelance writer for My column, San Francisco High School Sports Examiner, attempts to cover the San Francisco high school athletics landscape. I pursued this opportunity have getting laid off back in April of 2009. I had numerous interviews but nothing came through, I decided to give my dream of sports writing a shot, even if it was only on a freelance and not full time basis.

Then there is this blog. The name Behind The Whistle is a play of VH1's popular Behind The Music tv series. Instead of talking about the history of various music groups, I'm here to talk about basketball officiating. I've officiated for many years at the youth, high school and adult levels and have gone through some interesting experiences. It's too bad I haven't shared those experiences before, but it's not too late. I think I will have many more years of officiating left to go!

While my personal life outside of officiating may not be great reading for a blog, I think discussing officiating may be of interest to many people. Many people who are not part of the officiating circle may not realize what officials go through on a day to day, game to game basis.

I hope all readers will enjoy reading the blog as much I enjoy writing it. I welcome any comments or suggestions for posts as well!

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