Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Officiating as a Refuge

Regardless of whether you love your job, hate your job or have no feeling towards your job (that's assuming you have a job), I surmise there are at least two things you enjoy while at the job. One of those things would be getting your paycheck. The second thing would be the social aspect of your job. You might hate your job, but there's got to be a co-worker or two you get along with and talk to. during the course of a work day.

For me personally, I enjoyed all aspects of my last job. I liked the job itself, the people and the paycheck. So being unemployed the past four months have been difficult. I'm definitely missing the paycheck and I'm missing the social aspect of seeing and talking to people.

Fortunately, unemployment helps a little bit with missing my regular paycheck. But unemployment doesn't help much with the social aspect of being unemployed. To that end, I've seen some of my friends for lunch that I otherwise would not have seen if I was still working. But even then, it is not like I can see them all the time. They have work and other people (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends) to see beside me.

I hadn't officiated a lot in the early months of my unemployment. However, I realized that I had overlooked officiating as something that could fill the gaps that had opened when I lost my job. It was only recently I decided to work some more games.

Officiating can help out with not having a paycheck (if only a little bit). The biggest thing was a chance to just talk to different people. It's not like I've never talked to my partners or others at the gym before. However, when you come from a full time job, some days you are tired and may not want to socialize as much.

However, at the moment, I've come to see officiating as breaking some of the job hunting and other routines I've developed since I've gotten unemployed and that is a very good thing!

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