Sunday, October 17, 2010

Double Dipping

This past Thursday, I got a rare chance to double dip.  I officiated an adult league basketball game at around 5:45 PM.  The game finished at around 6:45 PM and I proceeded to commute to play in my own adult league basketball game later that evening at 8:45 PM.

I usually wouldn't do this but the scheduling just happened to work out for me.  The officiating part was pretty laid back though I got a chance to work with a veteran (who also happens to assign the adult league we were working).  I got a chance to talk to the vet and get some insights from him.   In addition, I have to say this particular official is one of the friendliest and easy going guys you're going to ever meet.  He doesn't mind if you have to get out of games, just as long as you tell him why.   As a official, he's one of the best guys around in our group and great to watch as well.

On the flip side, I played in my adult league game.  We trailed the whole game, rallied to tie it at 60-60 but lost in overtime 67-62.

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